Founded in 2018 by former Toronto Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmaat, The Keesmaat Group works with corporate and political leaders to advance change in cities around the world.

We are a creative group of senior-level urbanists who work with future-oriented cities, regions, companies, and organizations to advance solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our time: a global housing affordability crisis, the need for mobility in our cities that forgoes dependence on fossil fuels, and smarter, quicker adaptations to a changing climate.

We are subject matter experts with expertise in the planning, design, and implementation of large-scale transit projects, the planning and delivery of pilot projects, economic development, municipal approvals, heritage planning, small- and large-scale civic engagement processes, senior leadership development, and municipal and provincial government processes. While we integrate disciplines and bring a comprehensive lens and understanding to all our work, we focus on helping our clients develop strategic plans with clear, understandable actions that can be implemented immediately.

The Keesmaat Group has conducted recent work in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Vancouver with governments, municipalities, government agencies, and NGOs like United Nations-Habitat, providing inspiration through public speaking, leadership and Within Reach City Building, Strategic Implementation, and Leadership Transformation workshops. In May, Jennifer shared the stage with London Mayor Sadiq Khan as part of public policy discussions around creating bikeable, walkable, liveable cities, and how to advance transformative change with the urgency that today's world requires. The Keesmaat Group works with forward-looking organizations like the Toronto Board of Trade, the Economic Club of Canada and other thought leadership organizations to advance change in cities and regions.